The first step to safety is a thorough Fire Risk Assessment and continuous Fire Training.


Fire Training International provides high quality Fire Risk Assessments, Evacuation Plans, Local Fire Training Courses, International Fire Training Courses, Fire Safety Software Tools and Fire Risk Audits designed specifically to move any organisation to full compliance and safety.


Public Fire Training Courses around the UK


 In House Fire Training Courses


 Fire Risk Assessments and Emergency Evacuation Plans

Our team of very experienced fire risk assessors and fire trainers will not only carry out your risk assessment, write procedures and policies but also work with you to ensure that the system put in place, will go on year after year protecting the occupants of your workplace with the reassurance of compliance. We risk assess any organisation regardless of their industry. Your Fire Risk Assessment comes complete with:

  • Fire Strategy Management Policy and Procedure
  • Significant Findings - Action Plan

​​You can add bespoke Emergency Evacuation Plans. This will include:

  • Fire Incident Coordinator Board
  • Fire Marshal Sweep Zone Board
  • Fire Action Notice Board for General Staff including plan


 Fire Safety Manager Software

The Fire Safety Manager Software is a 10 section dynamically generated Fire Risk Assessment, that adapts to how you answer the questions. This tool will create automatically using the information you entered:

  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Fire Strategy Management Policy and Procedure
  • Significant Findings - Action Plan
  • Floorplan Creator
  • Over 200 HD Quality printable signs and information notices


 Free Fire Evacuation Game

Use Fire Training International's Fire Evacuation Game as part of your organisation's fire training as often as you wish, at no cost to you!


 International Fire Training Courses

  • 5 Day Applied Fire Risk Assessment Course


Fire Extinguisher and Fire Alarm Servicing

  • Low cost Fire Extinguisher Servicing costs
  • Package Price Service Plans on all types of Fire Alarm Systems