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Compartmentation is crucial for the Progressive Horizontal Evacuation


Most care homes can have upwards of 100 staff to run the home over a 24/7 cycle and when it comes to training, it is difficult to deliver the right type, in the right way to the majority. Our approach is based on practical training to the different groups within the home:


Progressive Horizontal and Vertical Training for Care Staff

The nurse in charge or lead person must control the movement of residents in an emergency and all care staff must be trained and confident in moving them from one affected zone to the next.


This training is delivered as a role play based scenario and covers:

  • Creating the perfect procedures for care staff to follow.
  • Maximise Compartmentation during the progressive horizontal / vertical evacuation
  • Fire alarm induction to ensure all care staff are confident in understanding the panel and using the information quickly.
  • Nurse in Charge/Lead Person controlling the procedure, utilising staff to assist, calling the fire brigade if needed, liaising with the senior fire officer and completing incident reports.
  • Horizontal and vertical sweep team which will consist of 2 care staff initially, going to the location identified on the fire alarm panel and moving residents quickly and safely to the next safe zone. We also train staff on the next step which will involve moving staff acting as residents vertically to the floor below.

Training for Kitchen, Laundry, Admin and Housekeeping
Training will be delivered specifically to each department in their own working areas.


Training for Onsite maintenance
Maintenance play a key role in ensuring the Care Home remains safe, therefore, they must have a good understanding of:

  • Fire Alarm System (Tests and Drills)
  • Fire Doors (weekly checks for closing and maintenance to ensure they remain effective)
  • Emergency Lighting (monthly flick tests)
  • Monitoring of corridors, storage areas and stairwells
  • Electrical safety
  • 3rd party auditing (Fire extinguishers, fire alarm, heating, electrical etc)
  • Record Keeping

Book our trainer to come to your care home and deliver your site specific training courses

The cost for an half day session is £599 plus VAT.

You can add to any half day course a Fire Risk Assessment from £399 plus VAT

Or have two training sessions on the same day at the cost of £899 plus VAT

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Fire Risk Assessment


Our experienced risk assessors will carry out your risk assessment, list your significant findings, create action plans, and also work with you to ensure that the system put in place, will go on year after year protecting the residents of your care home with the reassurance of compliance. 

Your Fire Risk Assessment will come in 13 sections:

  • Potential sources of ignition
  • Potential sources of combustion
  • Potential sources of oxygen
  • Limiting fire spread
  • Persons at risk
  • Means of escape
  • Fire alarm system
  • Emergency lighting
  • Signs and signals
  • Firefighting equipment
  • Management of fire safety 
  • Specific fire related issues
  • Significant findings – Action plans

Book our fire risk assessor to come to your care home and carry out your fire risk assessment!

The cost for small size premises is £599 plus VAT.

The cost for medium size premises is £899 plus VAT. 

The cost for large size premises is £1250 plus VAT. 

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Progressive Horizontal Evacuation Plans

The Progressive Horizontal Evacuation is necessary where the residents are dependent on staff to assist with their escape. We draw high quality Horizontal Evacuation Plans, Fire Action Notice Boards and write your personalised evacuation procedures.

We produce perfect bullet point procedures which are specific to the home and ensure any confusion is removed. The plans will be broken down in to the resident sweep zones and colour coded, this makes the role of the horizontal sweep team quick and easy. 

Complimentary Fire Strategy, Management Policy and Procedure

As part of your Evacuation Plans, we include your indepth Fire Strategy with a comprehensive statement of your commitment to the requirements of Fire Legislation and Health & Safety. 


Your bespoke Horizontal Evacuation Plans will include:

  • Fire Action Notice Board for Nurse in Charge and Care Staff

  • Fire Action Notice Board for Zone Sweep Team

  • Fire Strategy, Management Policy and Procedure

The plans will be emailed to you and once you are happy they are all accurate we will send the final documents in PDF format. Alternaitvely printed options are available at the extra production cost.

Book our assessor to come to your care home and draw your plans!

The cost for small to medium size premises is £599 plus VAT

The cost for large size premises is £899 plus VAT

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Ongoing Assistance

We work closely with all our care homes and look to assist them in anyway we can. This assistance falls into 3 main groups:

  • Looking into all 3rd party post service recommendation to ensure they are needed, and the costs reflect the industry norms.
  • Working with construction companies carrying out new build or refurbishments, to ensure the project delivers all works to the standards required under legislation and associated guidelines.
  • Ensuring any CQC or Fire Brigade issues are quickly dealt with.

Coming Soon

E-Learning Package

We are developing a care home specific training package, that will allow all users to understand fire safety across the care home while focusing on their individual role. It is never possible to train all staff face to face, with this in mind this program has been designed so every member of staff can receive individually designed training.