A DSEAR Risk Assessment is the fundemental start point to ensure that your work place is both compliant and more importantly safe!


A DSEAR risk assessment is required for work with dangerous substances which could cause fire or explosion including source materials, products, known intermediates and by-products. The form should be completed, approved and signed by the person responsible for the work. Guidance on completing this form is provided in the DSEAR Regulations 2002.
The risks from the dangerous substances and explosive atmospheres identified in this risk assessment must be reduced to the lowest level reasonably practicable.


DSEAR Risk Assessment

Your DSEAR Risk Assessment will come in eight sections:

  • Section 1 Project or Activity - Description of projects, processes or activities

  • Section 2 Hazards - Description of hazards

  • Section 3 Risks - Use of dangerous substances

  • Section 4 Controls to Reduce Risks as Low as Possible

  • Section 5 Emergency Procedures

  • Section 6 Approval

  • Section 7 Overall Risk Estimation Matrix

  • Section 8 Recommendations and Continued Support

Our Risk Assessor will need access to all areas of the site. Just ensure that an authorised person is on site the day/days of the risk assessment.

A PDF copy will be emailed to you upon completion and once you are happy that all details are correct we will send the final documents in PDF Format. A hard copy in a red fire training folder can be purchased at an extra cost of £20 plus VAT. This includes postage.

Book our risk assessor to come to your site and carry out your DSEAR risk assessment!

The cost for a small size organisations is £599 plus VAT.

The cost for a medium size organisations is £999 plus VAT. 

The cost for a large size organisations is £2250 plus VAT. 

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