Fire Risk Assessment Software

The Fire Safety Software is a 10 section dynamically generated on screen Fire Risk Assessment, that adapts to how you answer the questions.

You will only be asked questions that are relevant to you.
With the Fire Safety Manager you can compile all the details relating to your organisation in a format that is recognised by the fire authority. A list of issues based on your Fire Risk Assessment answers will be generated along with solutions on how to rectify them.

A list of on screen dynamically created Significant findings
Easily access all the guides and regulations specific to your workplace sector for each question. Examples from Fire Training International can also be accessed to help you further.


Instantly create an in depth 16 page personalised Fire Strategy
Using all the information gathered from the Fire Safety Manager a comprehensive statement of your commitment to the requirements of Fire Legislation and Health & Safety as a whole is generated at the click of a button.



Amber Alerts
When your significant findings are overdue, Amber the Fire Safety Manager will appear on your screen each morning to give you a personal message about what issues you still have outstanding and how late you are in rectifying them.


Help Desk
Amber's Helpdesk offers you the ability to ask her any question relating to fire safety. She has over 20 years of risk assessing experience and she is happy to share.


Floorplan Creator
A simple to use floorplan creator. Create and print 10 floors with simple drag and drop functionality.

Print out hard copies of everything you have created
Print out an in depth 16 page personalised Fire Strategy using all the information gathered from the Fire Safety Manager, a personalised full fire risk assessment split into the 10 main categories, with a 3 colour alert level indicator for each answer, as well as a dynamic Significant Findings list complete with a related solution to each problem.

Only the questions that are relevant to your company will be compiled and printed.

Alert your organisation's responsible person
Set up an Amber Alert. If significant findings are becoming overdue, Amber will personally email the responsible person at your workplace, letting them know issues need to be actioned, as well as access to all upcoming features, updates and downloadable content, exclusive to the Deluxe Edition.

Over 200 high quality printable signs and information notices
If you don't wish to spend a fortune purchasing signs for your workplace, why not use our new Fire Safety Signs Printshop.

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